Description of your Business 
Number of credit reports you think you will run on a monthly basis 
How would you like rtenant to refer to your property? 
  • Class A Property Decision Details
    Rent to Income > 3x
    Debt to Income > 2.5x
    FICO Score > 650
    No Hit/Not Score - Conditional
    Criminal* - Auto Review
    Evictions* - Auto Review

    Disclosure: rTenant utilizes a Weighted Decision Scoring Model, thereby, if an applicant scores lower on any one of the decision criteria, they have the ability to increase their total score in any one of the additional criteria.

    *Auto Review indicates a Hit on one or more reports. In the event of a Review Decision Recommendation, the Landlord will have the ability to review the records on file to make an informative decision.

    Although rTenant generates an automated Decision Recommendation, it is the Landlord's responsibility to make the final decision. rTenant does not make rental decisions, we simply offer a risk indicative lease recommendation, and provide the Landlord with the necessary tools to make an informed decision.


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